Marian E. Lindberg

The End of the Rainy Season--Discovering My Family's Hidden Past in Brazil

ďA beautifully written, moving, and distinct work." --Library Journal, June 2015

What do toxic family secrets and environmental destruction have in common? Both are actions that humans take for short-term gain often without regard to the long-term consequences. Secrets may be easier than truth in the short run, but far more harmful in the long run.

I grew up believing Walter Lindberg was a brave explorer in the Amazon which isn't exactly how he looks in this photo I found after my grandmother and father were dead and no one was around to explain it. I believe the photo was taken on a ship's deck in New York City, quite possibly when Walter left for Brazil in 1929, the last time my father saw him.

The way Walter peers at the camera from the corners of his eyes would turn up again in photos in Brazil.

Searching for the truth about Walter took me back to the days when foreigners thought the riches of Brazil were theirs for the taking, but for a while the evidence suggested that Walter stopped looking for gold and set his sights on a tree called the babassu palm.

I asked our driver from Alta Floresta to the Rio Teles Pires to point out a babassu palm, and this is what he showed me, but Brad, our guide through the Cristalino forest in Mato Grosso, said it wasn't a babassu. Facts, even simple ones, can be so elusive.

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"This ruminative family mystery brims with incident." Elle Magazine

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