Marian E. Lindberg

Fort Terry, on Plum Island, NY--where Major Benjamin Koehler was tried in 1914 on fabricated charges of homo-erotic acts

One of Plum Island's many beaches. No wonder it's the largest seal haul-out spot in New York State

Many a ship went under in Plum Gut despite the lighthouse keeper's warnings -- Photos by Randy Parsons

Man in Trouble: Sissies, suffragists, and the island setup that launched a century of gay bias

The 1914 court-martial of an Army commander on New York's Plum Island on charges of homo-erotic behavior was the product of conspiracy, but it ushered in decades of false charges and false stereotypes that ruined many lives. Man In Trouble reveals the plot against Major Benjamin M. Koehler and describes the masculinity crisis that made his persecution possible at a time when gender policing and discrimination against gays and lesbians were just getting going. A dominant view held by white men in power, equating manly strength with the strength of the United States, is still playing out today in the damaging stereotypes and misunderstandings that divide our country.

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